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Welcome to Impact Foundation


IMPACT FOUNDATION provides professional and effective counselling, educational workshops, and Out Patient drug rehabilitation services to the greater Johannesburg South communities. We help parents and teachers through talks and workshops. 

  • Counselling –  Trauma, Crisis, Marriage counselling, Depression and Anger Management.
  • Workshops – Adult children workshops, Life Skills management and Mindfulness workshops.
  • Out Patient Drug Rehabilitation – New Generation Habit Replacement Program



Become a Volunteer

  • If you need hours for your degree or diploma in counselling / psychology, you are welcome to contact us.

Counselors’ and Field Workers’ Courses

  • Impact Foundation offers an Accredited Professional Counselling Course. This is a Professional Diploma Course that is fully accredited by CTAA – Complementary Therapists Accredited Association.


  • There is a great opportunity for you to make yourself an extra income by helping us raise funds for Impact Foundation. For more information, give us a call.


Our Services

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Workshops and Motivating

Impact Foundation do workshops for parents, teachers and Skills Training Centres. Our workshops are designed for parents with teenage children and also parents with adult children still in the house. We also do Mindfulness workshops for teachers and Life Skill Tools workshops for Youth Skills Training Centres.


Impact Foundation render affordable counselling services in our schools, old age facilities and all communities. Our counselling services comprises of the following:

Marriage; Depression; Trauma; Anger; Child Therapy: Addiction: etc.

In Patient Drug Rehabilitation

We are working with TAG Foundation which is an In Patient Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Ennerdale. Through our successful New Generation Habit Replacement Program. We have helped many young adults with their struggles with addiction. To raise funds to buy tree starter packs to help in the recovery process of young people with addiction.

Out Patient Drug Rehabilitation

Our 3 month affordable New Generation Habit Replacement Program is designed for children and adults to overcome their addiction while still in school or at work. With this program we help clients to still function in their daily routine without going into an in patient rehabilitation facility.

Counselling Clinics

Impact Foundation is in the process to open Counselling Clinics throughout the Johannesburg South areas. We are training counselors in – house to fill positions in the clinics in the areas they are staying in. We have opened the first clinic in Bellavista.

Grow a Tree Campaign

To raise funds to buy tree starter packs. This will help in the recovery process of young people with addiction. Our goal is to give 100 starter packs per month to different rehabilitation centers. This is a new concept in the recovery process in which we are teaching young people patience, taking responsibility,caring and discipline. This also builds their self esteem and makes them feel useful and worthy to take their rightful place in society.

Become a Volunteer

Join us to create a resilient life and connected future.

Our Hardworking Volunteers

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Bella Troon


Trudie Gouws

Office Manager

Bridgette Fairbairn


We Need Your Help

Impact Foundation operates on donations from the public and companies. We need your donation to reach more parents, young adults, teachers and the broader community.

Your donation will help us to train and employ more counselors and field workers. We also need your donations for our travelling, printing and general running of the organization.

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