Who We Are



Our Story


Impact Foundation was established in 2018 by two passionate people, namely Charlene Dearling and Martin Gouws. The lack of resilience in people ignited a spark within them to start this organisation.  With 35 years’ experience in Counselling, Motivating and Facilitating, they strongly believe that without Knowledge, people perish. Thus, our services to provide the necessary skills and coping mechanisms to build a RESILIENT future community and society members.


Our Foundation


At Impact Foundation we believe that your value system is the essence of your being, therefore our organizational culture is founded on the below core values:







Our Mission



Through various projects and presentations, we aim to assist the youth and every individual we engage with to acquire the necessary skills and coping mechanisms that will assist them through their life’s journey.

Our Target Market


Impact Foundation targets to service:

Learners of all ages (Creches, Primary and High Schools) 
Young Adults
Senior Citizens

Teaching the small ones about Child Trafficking.

Educating Primary school kids about Decisions versus Consequences.

Educating High school children about Bullying or Common assault.

Meet Our Team

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Charlene Dearling

Director/Field Worker

Martin Gouws

Director/ Counselor

Trudie Gouws

Office Manager

Schools Visited

55 +

Learners Seen

18000 +

People Counselled

256 +

Motivational Talks

150 +